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Needle Uses, Information and Selection

Tapestry Needles

These Needles have a blunt point and long eye – Designed for canvas or cross stitch work – Range sizing from #13 to #28 (finest) includes Petites for detailed work, Gold Plated Needles for smoothness to protect the thread and the fabric and Twin-point Needles for the experienced stitcher to work quicker without having to change threads so often.

These have a sharp point with a parallel body and a long eye – Designed for free style thread embroidery – Sizes range from 6 (largest) to 10 (smallest) – This category also includes Millinery needles for “grub roses” and Assorted Silk Ribbon Needle packs

Are a short sharp pointed needle – Designed specifically for quilting

Are flexible, long, thin needles required to pass through very small beads – Designed specifically for beading with seed and delica beads – also great for gemstones with very small holes –
Shorter beading needles are available for beadwork embroidery

Chenille Needles

These needles are similar to Tapestry needles but with a sharp point for piercing fabrics – Designed for ribbon and thread embroidery

These needles have a super sharp point and tapered body.
They are the mostly used for dressmaking and repair

Household Range:
These are needles that are multi-purpose or have some specific task in repair.
Range: General purpose, Leather, Easy Thread or Darning Needles

Pebble Range:
This novel idea for keeping your needles safe and dry, contains needles that have the same purpose as those in the packets.
i.e. Tapestry, Beading Embroidery etc.


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