The Caron Collection of Threads

Perfect application for:

  • Cross stitch and Fine Tapestry work - Hardanger and Stumpwork.
  • Free style embroidery where the hand-dyed threads complement the project.
  • Ideal for pictured smocked patterns in the form of Bishop and Square Yoke style.
  • Decorative stitch embroidery - Charted embroidery and Needlework projects.
  • Jewellery making in the popular woven bracelets known as Friendship Bracelets.
The Caron Collection


A 100% 3ply Pima cotton thread with a beautiful silky sheen. A single solid natural coloured thread supplements the range of 300 plus variegated colours. The thread has a silky sheen, especially when used with long, flat stitches. Separate the plies and use one or more in the needle according to the pattern directions. One ply is about the same weight as the Perl#5 cotton thread, the full six plies of stranded cotton floss or one ply of Persian wool.


A single strand, hand-dyed 100% Cotton thread with a beautiful matte finish.
This cotton thread comes in a large range of variegated colours which is complemented by a range of solid colours.
It has more of a matte finish than the “Watercolours” when stitched.
Use one or more strands as required by the canvas or fabric.
One strand is approximately the same weight as the old DMC Flower Thread and Medici Fine Wool.
It is sized between Perl #8 and Perl #12 cotton in weight.
This versatile thread is available in the same colours as the “Watercolours” range therefore the two threads can be used very successfully together for Hardanger embroidery.
It can also be used for bobbin work on quilts.


A 12 ply variegated hand-dyed 100% Pure Silk which gives a beautiful subtle sheen when stitched.
The silk has particularly good light reflection qualities.
Split and use a single ply of this thread for very fine detail work or as many plies as necessary to suit the stitch and fabric in other applications
Many of the colours match Watercolours and Wildflowers but because the silk fibres take the dye differently the colours may be more subdued.
Variegated colours – 12 ply divisible thread.
Thread can be used with any ply combination depending on the Embroidery weight required and may be mixed with other colours to create new combinations and results.


A single stranded thread of 50% wool and 50% silk.
It is approx. the same weight as Wildflowers but has more bounce.
“Impressions” are very versatile threads and can be used on fine evenweave linens to the counted needlepoint canvases.
The blend of wool and silk gives a unique appearance because the two fibres reflect light differently, giving your stitching great depth.
These threads have a beautiful range of "Solid" colours which coordinate with Soie Cristale threads and range of "Variegated" colours to coordinate with Watercolours and Waterlilies threads.


100% Silk ~ This beautiful spun silk gives a subtle sheen when stitched and has particularly good light reflection qualities.
All Soie Cristale threads are hand dyed and colourfast but be sure to test reds and dark colours before washing.

The 5.5 metre skein is a 12ply thread which means it made up of 12 individual twisted strands. Therefore enabling the user to create finer detailed work, with fewer strands, as well as using all 12 stands to create a thicker finish which is perfect for background coverage.

The split strands also allows the stitcher to twist the threads of  2 (or more) colours together thereby creating new variations of colour blend which can add some spectacular results to the finished project.


A synthetic metallic thread with a fleck sparkle throughout the thread.
Similar in weight to Perl #5 cotton or 6x strands of cotton floss or one ply of Persian wool.
This beautiful thread has lots of sparkle and will add to texture and dimension to any form of stitched project.
Decorative stitches look brilliant when worked with snow white or one of the several new colours


A heavier metal thread in a range of antique shades which when stitched gives off a soft glow to the work rather than a shiny sparkle.
The thread unravels easily but can be controlled by a dab of Fray check or clear nail polish at the end to prevent fraying.
Also before threading the needle snap the length of yarn gently to tighten the chainette and make the threading and stitching easier.
It is a little bit thicker than Perl #5 cotton but not as thick as the Perl #3.
Normally used on 14 or 18 count “evenweave” but is fine for “bargello” stitches on 24 count “congress” cloth.
This beautiful thread will add to texture and dimension to any form of stitched project.


A tubular 100% Nylon Thread.
A versatile embroidery thread as it can be used with a large variety of canvas and counted fabric hole sizes.
The thread has a “shimmery” wet look.
Has a transparent appearance when stitched flat but more opaque when it is compressed.
Other Fibres or Threads can be stiched through the Rachel tube to give added effect.
The Rachel thread can also be stiched on top of other needlework.