DMC Embroidery


100% Cotton Thread ~ Twice mercerised for a soft lustrous sheen and finish.
Can be hand washed and the colours resist fading or running.
A Full range of these threads are available in stock.

The 8 metre skein is made up of six individual strands enabling the user to:
1. Create finer detailed work using only one or two strands.
2. Achieve maximum background filling quickly by working with all six strands.
3. Be more creative by twisting the threads of two (or more) colours together which can give spectacular results to the finished project.

Perfect for:

Cross stitch and detailed Tapestry work.
All forms of free style embroidery.
Ideal for pictures or patterns in Bishop and Square Yoke style smocked garments.
Jewellery making - In the popular woven bracelets known as Friendship Bracelets.


100% Pure New Wool – The natural pure wool gives a soft finish to the work.
The twisted 4 ply yarn is thick and bulky and gives great coverage for tapestry backgrounds in canvas.
A full range of colours is available in stock.
The wools are Colourfast and Mothproof.

Perfect for Use In:

• Canvas and Tapestry work - use the many shades to give good results for both modern and vintage pictures and patterns
• Carpet repairs and darning.


100% Perle Twisted Cotton – A beautiful supple thread that gives a satiny sheen finish to the stitching.

The cotton is:
Twice mercerized to increase the lustre.
Washable and fade resistant.
Most colours are colour run free.

Different Thicknesses

  • Perle #3 is the thickest size or weight and is used where quick cover is needed and is stocked in 15 metre skeins.
  • Perle #5 is the most popular size and therefore has the most colours available and is stocked by us in 25 metre skeins.
  • Perle #8 is finer than the Perle #5 which has a good range of colours available and comes in a 10 gram ball
  • Perle #12 is the finest weight in the DMC range of Perle threads but has the fewest range of colours available and is also stocked in 10 gram balls


100% Rayon – For a very shiny finish that brings life and texture to the work.
A Six stranded divisible embroidery thread.
Use whole, divided or mixed with other colours or thread types to give variations to the embroidery.


This long fibre brushed 100% cotton has a matte finish and the softest feel.
Is a perfect alternative to tapestry wool for canvas work.
The threads are made up of five inseparable strands which are then combed and singed by flame to remove the fluff.


100% Polyester – For a finish that brings life and texture with its bright synthetic components.
Six stranded thread that can be used in the same way as the stranded cotton.
Easy to use and gives great results.
A rich range of various light effects are available in the full range of colours.

Antique Effects – Is one of the special finishes.
A brushed metal finish that is ideal for adding a vintage or gilt effect for items in the pattern.


Special Dentelles is a very fine, strong 6ply crochet thread.
Double mercerised, combed 100% cotton and is available in the full range of colours.

Perfect for using in

• Delicate and intricate bobbing lace making work.
• Make exquisite border lace for handkerchiefs, tablemats, collars, gloves and other clothing accessories.


100% Cotton 4 ply non-divisible thread.
Soft and flexible giving a smoother finish to detailed work.
In sizes #16, #20, #25 & #30(finest) thickness
Most suitable for the embroidery of Household Linen.

Perfect for using in

• Open work
• Cutwork
• Tent Stitch
• Fine work such as Monograms or Initials


100% Mercerised Cotton in variegated colours.
A new range of threads which can be used in the same way as the standard stranded cotton threads.
A full range of colours is vailable in stock.