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Metallic Burgundy

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Caron Threads – Antica

A heavier metal thread in a range of antique shades which when stitched gives off a soft glow to the work rather than a shiny sparkle.
The thread unravels easily but can be controlled by a dab of Fray check or clear nail polish at the end to prevent fraying.
Also before threading the needle snap the length of yarn gently to tighten the chainette and make the threading and stitching easier.
It is a little bit thicker than Perl #5 cotton but not as thick as the Perl #3.
Normally used on 14 or 18 count “evenweave” but is fine for “bargello” stitches on 24 count “congress” cloth.
This beautiful thread will add to texture and dimension to any form of stitched project.

Perfect for using in

• Needlework projects
• Charted design embroidery
• Free style embroidery projects

Please Note – Price is per card and there are 9 meters on a card.

Additional information

Weight 5 g
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 30 mm