Information page for Size 11 Delica Beads

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The 11/0 "Delica" Bead is manufactured by Miyuki:

These beads are very different in design and weight to the similar sized 11/0 seed bead (rocailles).

Delica beads are cylindrical in shape and have smooth squared ends whereas the Rocaille seed beads are pumpkin round.

Delica beads have a larger hole size than the Rocailles and therefore lighter in weight.

This configuration allows the bead worker several distinct advantages for their design:

  • An accurate outside diameter which gives a smooth regular finish to the work.
  • This lends itself to produce designs that have a flatter, smooth snakeskin like feel to the finished piece.
  • The large hole size allows for many passes of fine thread and the chance to use a thicker stronger thread or wire where and when required.
  • The beads are lighter therefore on larger projects more beads can be added without incurring the weight of the rocailles size 11/0.
  •  They come in a larger range of colours and finishes than the seed beads.
  •  The finishes include: Lined (silver and coloured), Matte & Semi-Matte, Galvanised & Plated (including precious metal plating), Pearlised & Dyed and the "Durocoat" range.

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