2634-Au Ver A Soie – Alger Silk


100% Fine Silk Thread

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Au Ver A Soie – Soie D’Alger®

Alger silk is the domestic process in which to create an incredibly strong, luxurious and silky finish using the best quality 100% spun silk.
The silk is loosely plied and the 7 strands can be divided easily therefore giving versatility to the stitcher for many embroidery projects

Perfect for using in

• Cross stitch, tapestry and canvas work
• Needlework and embroidery projects
• Restoration work
• Trimmings
• Lace making
• Stump work
• Smocking
• Quilting
• Crewel work

Please Note – Price is per skein and there are 7 strands x 5 metre skein.

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