SC5123 – Jade Green 2 – Carons Soie Cristale


Jade Green 2

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Caron’s Soie Cristale

Caron’s Soie Cristale 100% Silk ~ This beautiful spun silk gives a subtle sheen when stitched and has particularly good light reflection qualities. All Soie Cristale threads are hand dyed and colourfast but be sure to test reds and dark colours before washing.

The Full range is available in 181 solid colours.

The 5.5 metre skein is a 12ply thread which means it made up of 12 individual twisted strands. Therefore enabling the user to create finer detailed work, with fewer strands, as well as using all 12 stands to create a thicker finish which is perfect for background coverage.

The split strands also allows the stitcher to twist the threads of  2 (or more) colours together thereby creating new variations of colour blend which can add some spectacular results to the finished project.

Perfect application for:

  • Cross stitch and Fine Tapestry work.
  • Any form of free style embroidery by complementing the hand-dyed threads used in the project
  • Ideal for pictured smocked patterns in the form of Bishop and Square Yoke style
  • Jewellery making in the popular woven bracelets known as Friendship Bracelets.

Price quoted is per 5.5 metre skein.

Additional information

Weight 3.8 g
Dimensions 220 × 32 × 20 mm