SNC119 – Sweet Lavender – Silk n Colours


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The Thread Gatherer – Silk n Colours

Silk ‘n Colours are 12 ply, divisible, 100% Silk hand-dyed threads
Initially split the thread into 3 x 4 strands or plies then they can be finally split into one or more strands for finer work as required by the project.
As a guide it is recommended that 2ply be used on 28 count cloth and 1ply on 32 count cloth or higher but it always sensible to do a test sample in order to get the correct weight prior to starting a new piece.
Different coloured strands can be tweaked together to create new colour shades and effects
This beautiful thread of more than 280 colours will add to texture and vibrancy to any form of an embroidered stitched project.

Perfect for using in

• Hand stitched embroidery projects including knot work
• Cross stitch and long stitch projects or enhancements
• Needlework and creative embroidery

Please Note – Price is per skein. There are 12 strands x 4.5 metres per skein.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 g
Dimensions 220 x 32 x 20 mm


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