HF-001AB – Crystal AB – Hot Fix Swarovski Flat Back Stone


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Swarovski “Hot Fix” Flat Back Crystal

Xirius Rose-cut Style 2078
Xirius Rose-cut Style 2078
Xilion Rose Style 2038
Xilion Rose Style 2038



The facets optimally draw in and reflect the light to give that marvelous sparkle and shine that Swarovski is noted for.

Each cut style has been created with precision multiple facets.

These luxury stones are cut in a simpler “Xilion Rose” effect for the smaller stones and a more complex “Xirius Rose” cut for the larger stones.

The Hot Fix Xilion Rose style is stocked in two popular sizes – SS6 & SS10.
The Hot Fix Xirius Rose style is stocked in sizes – SS12, SS16, SS20 & SS34.




Perfect for use in

  • Shoe & Bag Embellishment
  • Nail Art Jewellery (smaller sizes)
  • Dress & Fabric Embellishment
  • Embroidery Embellishment
  • Bridal Work
  • Arts & Crafts

The hot-fix stones can be applied using a hot iron but are better applied using the hot-fix applicator which comes with a special set of replacable tips for each stone size.

A full range of colours are available in packets of 10 or 100 pieces or multiples of these units

Full Factory Packs can be ordered by phone application.


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