DB0050 – Crystal Lustre – Miyuki Delica Bead


Crystal Lustre

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Miyuki Delica Beads – Size 11/o Round

The smooth cylinder beads are consistent in sizing (1.6mm long x 1.5mm dia.) with a large hole (0.8mm) for easy threading.

The colours of these beautiful beads come in over 1100 finishes and coatings
The ardent and talented bead worker has plenty of choice in which to create the most stunning pieces.

The resulting beadwork is brilliant for any size of project from the simplest bracelet to a large art form
The even bead sizing which gives a feel similar to snakeskin for the finished beaded work.


  • Convenient small packets which are all priced the same but vary in the quantity (1gm to 10gms)
  • The weight of the packet depends on the finish applied to the bead.

Cost effectively Buy

  • 50gm bags for those bigger projects
  • For larger designs including background colour fill
  • Or a favourite colour range that you tend to use again and again
  • Note – 25gm bags are supplied for some of the more expensive finishes

Note of interest  – There are approximately 200 beads per gram weight.

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